Online reminiscence – ‘how to’ training session

Shows an old photo and a cup of tea

Find out about how to create resources for, and lead, online reminiscence sessions and memory activities. Suitable for beginners!

About this Event

Reminiscence sessions are a great way to boost wellbeing, ease social isolation, and to just have fun! But during covid, when this is more needed then ever, it is impossible to meet in person and share memories and experiences face-to-face.

This learning session will give an engaging and accessible introduction to tailoring reminiscence activities to an online setting. As well as shaping activities to a virtual meeting, we will also look at tips and tricks for different software, and where to look online for materials to use.

The workshop will be suitable for beginners. We are particularly keen that people who are interested in taking part in reminiscence sessions themselves join – as a way to make these sessions participant led as much as possible.

When you have booked onto the event you will receive the Zoom details to join. If you have any questions, please send them to