Muslim History tour of Walthamstow

Lea Bridge Road Mosque

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Learn how Muslims numbering only 4,000 in the 1960s experienced life in Walthamstow.

Find out how they struggled in their lives to establish their first Mosque – from Paki-bashing, racist attacks, petrol bombs and deaths!

Discover where some of the earliest Muslim prayer places were.

What was Abdulla doing on the High Street in the 1920s complete with his own signpost?

Where do you find Moorish architecture from the 1930s?

The gruesome untold story to the 1969 Eid prayers.

Who was the person that was not born in the Indian Sub-continent and who did not speak Urdu but was from the Caribbean and was instrumental in giving Dawah to the newly arrived Muslims in the 1960s and 1970s?  

How would you work out the prayer direction without a compass? 

Join us, on this exciting day to find out the answers! 

Book a Guided Tour of Walthamstow here

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