WATCH Acorn Films’ Around Chingford Around Christmas.

CHS were very pleased to invite Acorn films back again for our seasonal look at these popular films of Chingford from days gone by.

Tim Emblem-English has dug around in the vaults and found “Around Chingford Around Christmas”.

This is actually one of David’s Piggott’s own productions and includes stories that aren’t in the well-worn compilations*, beginning with a glimpse of snow clearance from 1938. 

YouTube link

This filmshow took place at Chingford Historical Society’s meeting in December 2022. You can watch the recording on YouTube via this link.

*If you are interested in seeing one of the compilations we have two DVDs for sale via our website: ’50s, 60s and 70s’ and ’80s and 90s’ and you could also watch a recording of our December 2020 presentation of excerpts from the 50s, 60s and 70s DVD with an introduction from David Piggott. 

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