Freedom Walk : Leytonstone’s Connections to the Slavery of Empire

Freedom Walk : Leytonstone’s Connections to Emancipation and Slavery of Empire, 2pm St John’s Church, E11 1HH. Free.

A guided walkabout from St John’s Churchyard to Leytonstone House and Quaker House, connecting the trail from Empire, Emancipation to Windrush legacy.
What did the Buxton family, William Wilberforce and others have in common with the slave trade’s abolition and history. Horace Waller missionary and campaigner once lived at the Leytonstone Vicarage (now Matalan) where Abdullah Susi and a former child slave, James Chuma once lived for a spell in 1874. What mission were they engaged on? “Remembering Slavery and it’s legacy 1807 – 2007” author, writer and academic Peter Ashan (himself a child of Empire and Windrush) will lead this enlightening journey of exploration and discovery. Part of the Leytonstone Festival