The ‘History of Fire Stations and the Fire Service including Chingford’s Fire Service’

An online talk by architectural historian and author Billy Reading on fire stations and the fire service including Chingford’s fire service.

Billy Reading is an architectural historian and author who has worked as an Inspector of Historic Buildings and Areas for Historic England for over a decade. Through his work he is lead heritage advisor to Whitehall departments and Royal Palaces in London. Billy is recognised as the leading expert on the historic fire stations of Britain, and has wide ranging interests within the field of architecture, from the mediaeval manor house to brutalism and beyond.

Billy has written a book about the history of fire stations and details of that can be found here

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Most of the online talks on different aspects of Chingford’s history given throughout 2020 can be viewed on their YouTube channel This talk will be added to the channel after the June 2021 meeting.

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